Our Artisans - A.S.L


Around A.S.L we gather the hands of our artisans: passionate women and men who are now a great part of our ecosystem. We conceive our objects through their savoir-faire, they are our strength.

By their side, we've learned to adapt our drawings to their technical reality, to be patient and respect this beautiful slow-making, essential for a precise and in-tune work.

Together, we look into every prototype, we search and redefine those details that make all the difference.
We are proud to promote their savoir-faire and to build our collections in an organic way.

in search of materials

For each object, we are on a quest for the right material, the one that will bring our drawings to life.

Our trademark: raw materials that we put together, an obsession for detail that makes the material more rarefied and the object at once simple and precious.

Materials that acquire a unique patina over time, that live, last, adapt and pass-on.

made with concern

By preferring European craftsmanship, we made the choice of a more human and considered production.

Our ateliers in Venezia, Vichy, Paris or Porto are places with a family spirit where the savoir-faire is nurtured and transmitted from generation to generation.